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 The Jaguars have merely unveiled their Wholesale Jacksonville Nike Football Jersey(additional photographs here and right here). It usually takes a while before we can entirely assess a new university set, but here are several instant reactions, utilizing Uni Watch's standard "Is it good or is this stupid?" ranking scale:

The new company logo: This was originally unveiled in February, but this may be the first time we've seen it as part of the jersey. My initial response two months in the past was that it was upgrading, and I still believe that today. Good.
The new two-tone helmet can be gold in the back.
The helmet: Woof! Nike along with the Jags are trying to sell the idea that the helmet's two-tone effect -- african american in the front, gold in the back -- is "innovative,Inch but it's really merely a failed gimmick. Also: During the unveiling, Nike executive Todd Van Horne frequently mentioned the design of how a jaguar "hunts from the shadows" (you know, all deceptive and such), but the helmet shows the Jags logo hunting from sunlight and moving into the shadows. If they experienced reversed the color place -- gold in the front, black in the back -- a minimum of it would make sense. Nevertheless it would still be ugly. Stupid.
The black home jersey: The gold collar reduce and the teal sleeves provide some welcome respite from all that black. The particular tone-on-tone panels around the neck area are needless, and the chest patch (positioned over the cardiovascular, as a tribute for you to Jacksonville's military culture) helps make things feel a lttle bit cluttered, but this continues to be an upgrade over the earlier look. Good enough.
Your white road jersey: The black/gold trim on the uni numbers appears really, really good. Would like the sleeves and collar trim have been teal instead of black, however. Good enough.
The teal change jersey: Would probably look wonderful with gold quantities. But it has african american numbers. Too bad. nfl jerseys bulk here.



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